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Call Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc. whenever you are looking for a professional and trustworthy private investigator. We are the premier private investigator firm with decades of experience based in the Sioux Falls and Rapid City, SD area. Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc. is a full service private detective investigator agency that delivers first-class confidential investigative results. With our diverse team of professional private investigators, we are licensed to conduct investigative work throughout South Dakota and surrounding plains states (Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and California). In addition, our network of investigative associates reaches across the country and around the globe. We are a locally owned and operated, licensed and insured team of professionals, dedicated to the success of each assignment. Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc. provide both a personal and professional touch that ensures your needs are being met, discreetly and efficiently. Our private investigation services range from civil and criminal domestic investigations. We offer tenant and employee background checks, photo and video evidence surveillance and loss prevention. Whether you wish to find a missing person, prove disability claim abuse or insurance fraud, need to run a background check or you suspect a cheating spouse, warehouse theft, fraud or any other wrongdoing, Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc. can assist. Over the last three and a half decades, Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc have helped thousands of people get answers to questions that only seasoned private investigators have the skills to obtain.

Reasons to Hire Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc for Your Investigative Needs

We demand high standards of ourselves, including providing prompt, detailed and, most important of all, accurate information. There are substantive reasons why we can make these claims.
1. Immediately upon the assignment of a case, we initiate a file and subsequently activate the file within 24 hours.
2. Our rates are competitive, with standard customary expenses.
3. We have incorporated our investigation services with an IBM mainframe linked to a public information system (that means same day turnaround for some investigations). This system increases our ability to locate hard to find individuals and assets (e.g. autos, etc.). This system provides our clients with a cost-effective and less time-consuming approach to obtaining important information.
4. We utilize state of the art surveillance audio/video equipment, including body cams, all-encompassing surveillance systems, night vision equipment, and more. We continuously update our tech with the latest equipment available.
5. We provide the best, most cost-effective private investigation services in a nine-state area including remote and rural communities, with offices based in Rapid City and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
6. Our prompt cost effective investigative services are also provided to remote and rural communities. Investigations are facilitated with our fleet of over 25 vehicles, including a modern, fully equipped surveillance boat, three vans, a plane, and more.
7. Our extensive field experience enables us to quickly provide our clients with an assessment of the type of services which may provide the most effective results and the most cost-efficient manner for the best returns on your investigation dollar.

Congressional Testimony

1986 – Kolbach & Associates Investigations’ CEO, John Kolbach, testified before the United States Congressional subcommittee for oversight and investigations regarding fraud, waste, and abuse within top secret (carve-out) government projects.

The Role of a Private Investigator

What is a Private Investigator?
A Private Investigator is professionally trained and experienced in many aspects of investigations including surveillance, interviewing suspects, victims, witnesses, locating missing persons, etc. Oftentimes that experience comes from law enforcement, military, and research backgrounds. The private investigator must also maintain strict confidentiality regarding information and evidence that they obtain for their clients. To protect the public from inexperienced, unqualified or unscrupulous investigators, many states require that private investigators be licensed.

What Does a Private Investigator Actually Do?
The responsibility of a private investigator is to gather information by using many different techniques and to assist law enforcement agencies, law firms, businesses, and citizens with legal, financial, and personal matters. Due to the nature of their work, private investigators are often called upon to testify in court.

Our Private Investigative Equipment

Our Private Investigation Equipment Includes:
The following is a partial list of equipment we use in our investigative work:
– 20 vehicles
– 10 radios equipped with counter measure scrambling devices and repeater accessible portables
– 2 fully equipped surveillance vans
– 2 fully equipped boats
– 1 Harley Davidson motorcycle
– 1 aircraft (a Cirrus SR-22)
We also utilize several video cameras, including cameras capable of 1,500 times magnification and adaptable to night vision. In addition, we have pinhole surveillance camera systems as well as color video and audio recorders which are concealed in glasses, pens, and various “body cams.” We also utilize wireless systems with live streaming capabilities.

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