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Infidelity / Cheating Spouse Investigators

When you have a deep suspicion that your spouse is not being faithful, it is best to gather all the information you need before you confront them. This is where the experienced investigators at Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc comes in to play. We have the technology and the training to catch any infidelity that may be occurring and arm you with the proof that you need to take the next step.

Are You Ready for a Divorce?

Some people cannot move past a cheating spouse. When that is the case, before you take the next step toward divorce, you need to think about what the case may look like before you move forward. You need to have incontestable proof that what you say your spouse is doing is the truth. At Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc we can provide you with video surveillance, photographs and audio proof that will greatly improve your chances of winning in court. Without this proof, you will have smaller chance of winning custody battles and other aspects of a divorce.

When Divorce is not the Outcome You’re After

There are many times that divorce isn’t the answer that some couples are looking for when they catch a spouse cheating. If your spouse has not been faithful and you aren’t looking for a divorce, it can be helpful to supply them with the proof that you have of their infidelity to give them the motivation it takes to change their ways. When you don’t have definitive proof, they will often deny the allegations and no one wins.

Signs of a Cheating Wife or Husband

When your spouse is cheating, there are likely going to be a long list of signs that indicate that is what they are doing. You should be looking for the following signs:
Sudden change of habits: May include coming home unusually late from work or leaving unusually early all of a sudden. Or upgrading their vehicle for one that is all of a sudden more flashy.
Frequent Business Trips: Some spouses are all of a sudden taking frequent business trips when they have never been asked to do so in the past with their job.
Unexplained Expenditures: When there is money earned that never seems to make its way home, you could have a problem.
Less Intimacy: They may lose interest in being intimate with you when they are cheating.
Extra Grooming: If your spouse has never put much effort into their appearance and are all of a sudden spending extra time in this area, it causes most spouses to question their loyalty.

Private Investigators in South Dakota and Surrounding Plains States (Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and California)

If you are worried that your spouse may be cheating, don’t hesitate to call on the professionals at Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc to help you get to the bottom of it. We will keep all information that we gather confidential and act with the utmost professionalism. You can count on us to gather the proof that you need to take the next step. Call us today!

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