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Asset Search Investigations

Divorce can be messy much of the time. Some of these surprises are more horrible than others. When you have found out that your spouse has been unfaithful or that they have been living a double life, it can be devastating. However, during a divorce, you may find out that your spouse has assets that they have been hoping you would never find out about. This is when it pays to have the experts at Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc on your side. We can help you uncover assets that your spouse has been hiding so you get what is rightfully yours.

Finding Hidden Assets in Divorce

It is possible that your spouse has been concealing assets from you; especially when they know that your marriage might end in divorce. Our team of investigators will use all means necessary to uncover any assets that may have been hidden no matter how well your spouse thinks they may have hidden them.

Fraudulent Transfer

Sometimes when a spouse sees that their marriage is coming to a swift end, they try and make assets vanish into thin air. There are no fund transfers that are hidden well enough to keep them from our investigators. We will see where the money has switched hands so that you get your fair share.

Jobs that Pay Cash Only Under the Table

Getting paid under the table and off the books sounds great when you are in the middle of a divorce. Without the paperwork to trace the income, many people think they will get away with keeping it all to themselves. We can use necessary surveillance to find the funds so you can get a cut.

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