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Anytime you are involved in an accident, you need all of the facts before legal steps can be taken. When you have the resources that Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc has, the entire accident or crime scene can be reproduced to answer any questions that may still be there. We can give you a clear picture of what may have happened prior to the accident as well as what happened moments after the incident occurred. You can trust that we use only the latest in technology to give you this detailed information.

Accident Reconstruction

When you rely on the experts at Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc to complete accident reconstruction for you, we use the application of scientific principles to determine how that accident could have possibly occurred. There is a combination of investigation, human factors and engineering that all play a role in coming up with this information. It doesn’t matter what form of transportation we are dealing with whether it is a pedestrian, bicycle or a vehicle; we will perform the appropriate crash data retrieval it takes to get the answers we need. Using state of the art computer technology, the latest forensic procedures, accident reports, photographs and eyewitness accounts, Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc is capable of composing a visual animation depicting the actual sequence of the causes leading up the accident and the sequence of the accident or crime scene. Some of the ways that we gather what is needed come from the following:
– Skidmark and speed estimation
– Speed/Time/Distance analysis
– Yaw analysis
– Photographs
– Vehicle roll-over investigation
– Low-Speed impact analysis
– Hydroplaning and asymmetric drag analysis
– Issues about centerline crossings
– Determination of state of vehicle lights
– Crash analysis based upon speed and forces
– Diagrams of accident analysis and accident reports

Instant Access Video

If you are interested to know exactly where your case is at, Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc provide instant access video to all our clients. This gives you the ability to see streaming video, case details, invoices, photos and final reports. You also have the ability to reopen closed cases, see final reports as well as print those final reports. If you need to assign new cases, you have the power to do that as well. We utilize I.D.E.A (Investigative Data Exchange Application) to share the information we have with insurance companies to keep the case moving. I.D.E.A. (Investigative Data Exchange Application) is a web-based system that provides for the exchange of investigative data between Private Investigative firms and Insurance companies. Based on the “Software as a Service” or Application Service Provider (ASP) model, Oronova I.D.E.A allows Private Investigative firms to stream surveillance video from the video camera through any internet-attached laptop or desktop computer and make it available to Insurance companies via a secure web site. In addition to streaming video, the system also allows Private Investigative firms to input structured and narrative data that is associated with the surveillance video. Insurance companies can now view the results of an investigation as soon as the video is uploaded, instead of waiting a week or more for the video and reports to be copied to a CD and delivered via mail or other delivery service. Oranova I.D.E.A further streamlines this process by providing Insurance companies with an online mechanism to assign cases to Private Investigative firms, replacing the previous method that required a phone call or fax to assign each case. Our clients can:
– View streaming video
– View case details
– View invoices
– Re-open closed cases
– View photos
– View final reports
– Assign new cases
– Print or download reports

Aviation Incident / Accident Investigations

The professionals at Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc can provide third party general aviation incident and accident reviews when needed. We do this using the latest technology in surveillance, direct investigation, document research as well as pilot aircraft evaluations. We look at maintenance records, practices, training and proficiency as well as background checks to gather the information that is needed when an accident or incident occurs. Your company may find it valuable for our services of aviation charter/transportation company aircraft/aircrew personnel and operations as well as preemployment or current employee performance and background checks.

Private Investigators in South Dakota and Surrounding Plains States (Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and California)

Without the extremely accurate technology that Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc uses to gather information, it is difficult to get a clear picture of what may or may not have taken place when an accident happens. This information is useful in trails as well as insurance claims to create a realistic reconstruction of the details that can be lost otherwise. Call us today!

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