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There are certain situations where surveillance is the best way to gather the information you need. At Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc our surveillance technology is next to none. We keep detailed records of all the findings we produce and deliver the proof that you need, when you need it most. When intuition tells you that something is off, leave it to our team of experts to put your mind as ease. Whether you are worried about worker’s compensation fraud or a cheating spouse, our surveillance services will be able to give you the definitive proof you need.

Surveillance Definition

Websters dictionary defines Surveillance as watchful. Close watch kept over someone or something. Kolbach Investigations likes to take surveillance a step further and defines it as observing and recording the activities of someone of something without being discovered for the purposes of gathering information in order to bring closure to the investigation. To successfully accomplish that task our professionally trained, experienced and highly motivated investigators employ many methods using the latest technology in order to remain undetected and to ensure that we do not invade a person’s privacy or harass the subject in any way. Our investigators will not trespass on the subject’s property, enter the residence under false pretenses or use unethical tactics to obtain evidence.

Purpose of Surveillance

Our surveillance procedures have been constructed to:
– Observe physical activities in progress
– Observe daily routine or activities
– Identify associates
– Find or locate individuals
– Protect Witnesses
– Verify Statements
– Prevent a crime from being committed
– Apprehend a criminal in an illegal act
– Recover stolen property

Surveillance Cases

Surveillance can be used for many purposes, such as in the following situations:
– Workers’ Compensation
– Insurance Fraud
– Labor and Employment Investigations
– Domestic Matters (Child Custody/Marital Deceit)
– Suspected Criminal Activity
– Develop Information about Subjects or Business Entities

Corporate Surveillance

Corporate surveillance is useful when you want to ensure your company is being run the way you intended it to be. This is a great way to keep a close eye on the way your employees are conducting themselves. It is also useful when you are trying investigate an issue further such as insurance fraud, theft, property vandalism and worker’s compensation abuse. Surveillance may also be used to keep close tabs on computer activity and monitoring certain security areas.

Domestic Surveillance

For all other surveillance that isn’t tied to a business, we have domestic surveillance. You may be trying to get more information on a cheating spouse, a caretaker or child custody issues. Surveillance is a great way to do it. It can often be tempting to use home surveillance techniques to gather the information you need, but you should be aware that some forms of surveillance can be illegal. When you leave it up to the experts at Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc we will ensure all the information that we gather is completely legal.

Types of Surveillance

Our investigators have been trained in the following types of Surveillance:
– Stationary (fixed, plant, stakeout)
– Moving (close or rough)
– Close surveillance: The primary object is the continuous observation of the target without regard to whether the target knows they are under surveillance.
– Rough surveillance: This method is conducted in such a manner as to ensure that the target does not become aware of our surveillance activities.

Physical Surveillance

When our team of private investigators are using this form of surveillance, we will not be far from the subject throughout the duration of surveillance. We still may use photography, video or audio devices to gather our information, but we will always stay close to the subject.

Electronic Surveillance

This may include some technology like GPS devices, data transmissions, video as well as audio equipment to document the activity of the subject without needing to stay close. Most of these methods require the proper licensing that is held by our expert surveillance investigators so that the information gathered is within the law.

Private Investigators in South Dakota and Surrounding Plains States (Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and California)

If you need surveillance for one reason or another, choose the surveillance investigators at Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc to handle it. We have the experience and training needed to know what our rights are and gather all the information you need legally. We will give you the detail you need to prove any wrong doing both at a corporate and domestic level. Call us today!

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