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Domestic Investigations

When faced with personal problems, there isn’t much that is more stressful than that. This could include divorce, child custody battles, missing persons, infidelity and more. These issues require more than just a strong support system, you need the help of the professionals at Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc to help you navigate your way through these life crisis. Our highly trained investigators don’t just offer the support you need, but we also gather the evidence that is needed to actually assist you in getting through the problem with your best interests in mind.

Infidelity Investigations

Unfortunately, thousands of couples are faced with infidelity at one point or another. When you are ready to move toward a divorce, having the proof of infidelity can help you exponentially with court proceedings. At Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc. we have the necessary resources to help you gather the information to arm you with the best defense you can have as you move forward. Even if you aren’t interested in moving forward with a divorce, if you have proof that your spouse or partner has not been faithful to you, you are going to be able to more easily confront your partner when you show them proof that you know exactly what has been happening. You are then able to move forward with your life rather than living in doubt.

Child Custody Disputes

During a child custody dispute, as heartbreaking as it is, couples are at odds when trying to decide who should have the children living in their home. Sometimes, you have already got a court order and know that your ex is violating that order. At Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc we help you gather evidence that is needed to prove you are the most capable of caring for your children. Through our surveillance and background services, you will be able to lay out perfectly the reasons why you are the most qualified to care for the safety and well-being of your kids.

Asset Investigations

When you are going through a divorce, figuring out what will belong to who is often extremely difficult. There may be assets that your spouse has hoped would stay hidden throughout your court proceedings, or assets that have vanished into thin air. Your spouse may be working and getting paid in cash in hopes that the court won’t be able to see how much money they actually make. All of these tactics can be shattered when you rely on Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc to uncover the truth with our investigative methods.

Missing Persons Investigations

People location is defined as attempting to determine the whereabouts of individuals who are missing or are trying to avoid detection. Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc can use many of our well-established techniques as well as lean on our experience and knowledge to trace and locate missing individuals who do not want to be located or to find loved ones, runaways, missing children, or witnesses. Even though some states have privacy laws that restrict the information that can be obtained from certain resources, our highly trained investigators use many sources available to them including computers, telephone records, court records, credit checks, vehicle records, social security number traces, etc. in order to locate persons, assets or property. If you have someone that you care about that has gone missing, the experts at Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc can help you locate that individual. We can track them down by many means including:
– Phone Records
– Computers
– Credit Checks
– Vehicle Records
– Social Security Number Checks
– & More

The more information you can provide, the better the chance our investigators will succeed in locating a missing individual. Often, missing individuals don’t realize that they are missing and being sought. Due to concerns for individual safety and privacy Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc has a policy stating that when we are retained to locate an individual, we do not furnish any personal information or addresses until the subject of the investigation provides written permission for us to do so. This policy has been implemented to protect both the privacy of the subject and to prevent any criminal intent such as stalking. There are a few exceptions to this policy that include, for example, missing children and deadbeat parents. If the subject of our investigation gives his/her approval, all investigative results will be provided to the client.

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If you have a domestic problem you are facing, don’t hesitate to call on the highly trained professionals at Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc for the help you need. Call us today!

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