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Corporate Investigations

At Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc we offer our valued customers the widest range of corporate investigative services available. We know that every corporation is different and we customize our services to meet the needs of every different company that we serve. From fraud to loss prevention, we will ensure your corporation is safe from financial crimes. Our private investigators know that this is the key to your business being a successful one.

Workers Compensation & Insurance Fraud Investigations

When worker’s compensation abuse is suspected in your workplace, it is important you get the facts needed to proceed. At Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc we have the experience and training it takes to gather the facts you need to get to the bottom of any lingering suspicions. We keep ourselves current in changes made to the law so that everything we do is within legal bounds. We investigate the accuracy of medical information supplied by an employee who has filed a disability claim using discreet activity checks, still photography, and/or video surveillance. We can also conduct research to find any workers’ compensation claims previously filed by the employee. When necessary, we use various employment sources to assist in the identification of fraudulent claims. When there are questionable actions with your employees, the following investigative services may be required in an alleged insurance abuse case:
– Determination if the claim is valid.
– Determination if the claimant is adequately insured.
– Witness interviews.
– Determination of the actual nature of the injury.
– Photographing the injury.
– Compiling accurate reports.
– Obtaining video and photographic evidence.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

There is an estimated $80 million that is paid out every year on fraudulent claims. This practice is not only illegal, but it is dangerous as well. If your company is involved in any way with insurance fraud, it can have detrimental consequences. At Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc our highly qualified investigators have the resources needed to facilitate that handling of routine and suspicious insurance claims. Our client list includes large and small insurance companies, self-insurers, law firms, and third party administrators who are competent in the fact that we will investigate workers’ compensation, personal injury, auto fraud, and auto and premises/products liability cases including fraud rings, major class action products liability cases, personal injury defense investigations, death claims, as well as medical malpractice claims and all other related claims. We strive to bring those investigations to a successful conclusion. Our investigators use techniques and resources including cost effective surveillance, video documentation, detailed written/recorded statements, scene investigations, photo taking, signed and recorded statements, multi-national translators, complete background research and more. Many of our assignments have been instrumental in reducing, and, in some cases, completely denying claimants’ rewards. With the use of video surveillance, detailed record keeping, thorough photography and more, our investigators can get to the bottom of any claims that aren’t quite adding up. This kind of thorough investigating can help you to prevent insurance fraud in the future as well. We investigate all kinds of insurance fraud claims that may include, but are not limited to:
– Fraud Rings
– Major Class Action Liability Cases
– Personal Injury Defense Investigations
– Death Claims
– Medical Malpractice Claims
– & More

Loss Prevention – Loss Control

Loss control is commonly referred to as workplace or occupational fraud and abuse. The National Association of Fraud Examiners estimate that a business loses up to 6 percent of their annual revenues to workplace fraud and abuse which translates into approximately 600 billion dollars in total, or about $4,500 per employee. Work place drug use losses alone amount to approximately 70 billion dollars annually. This is a considerable amount of your business lost to these workplace and occupations fraud cases every year. Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc. evaluates current vulnerabilities associated with loss control and we will subsequently prepare a physical security survey/control analysis which oftentimes ranges from minor security control implementations to closed circuit cameras or as a last resort, undercover operations. At Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc we will arm your business with the technology needed to limit the amount of loss your business experiences each year. This may include anything from minor security implementation, closed circuit cameras or even undercover operations to help you get things under control. Our team of professionals will work with you to review your operations, procedures and programs as we look for areas that you can strengthen to help protect your business.

Private Investigators in South Dakota and Surrounding Plains States (Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and California)

If you have any need for corporate investigations in your workplace, don’t hesitate to call Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc today!

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