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Hospital & Medical Pre Employment Criminal Background Checks for Healthcare Workers in Sioux Falls, SD

When you think of the healthcare industry, you are thinking of those that we entrust our lives to. They care of our health and well-being; which is a large responsibility put on healthcare administration. When the safety and care of patients is put at risk, those involved are facing huge consequences that are real and insurmountable. Because healthcare companies are responsible for the actions of their employees, it is important that the proper screening is put in place before these employees are ever even hired. Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc is here to talk about the importance of backgrounds checks and why they should be a must before hiring any healthcare personnel.

Why a Background Checks for Healthcare Workers is a Must

When healthcare professionals are responsible for the mistakes that are made when caring for a patient, that healthcare company is facing possible medical malpractice suits. This can end up costing any given company billions of dollars’ worth in these lawsuits. Not only is malpractice a huge problem, but even employees that are discussing a patient’s record can cause a healthcare company issues. You need to have background checks in place to help keep patient’s records kept completely confidential. There is always that fact that the safety and security of these patients is also entrusted in your employee’s care. Heaven forbid anything happens that could harm a patient.

Pre Employment & Other Types of Medical Background Checks Needed

There is more than one background check that should be done as you are hiring a new healthcare employee. Following are the most important background checks that should be completed before hiring:
Identity Verification: You need to know your employees are who they say they are. This should be done first to ensure you are performing all the other background checks on the right person.
Criminal Record Search: If your future employee has been involved in any malpractice suits or criminal convictions, you want to know about for the safety of your patients.
Sex Offender Check: Many healthcare employees will be responsible for the care of children, and should not be trusted if they have a history sexual assault or abuse.
Employee Drug Screening: Most healthcare employees will have access to a large amount of prescription drugs. If your employees have had a history of drug use, this could be a problem and cloud their judgement when caring for patients.
Federal Exclusion Search: You don’t want to hire someone who has been barred from receiving any federal funds and are unable to participate in programs like Medicaid.
Professional License Verification: The proper licensing is required for many healthcare professionals. What’s to say that the person you are considering is being honest about their licensing?
Education Verification: Similar to above, there are education requirements for many healthcare professionals and you want to know that the proper training has taken place in the past.

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If you are getting ready to hire new healthcare employees, you can rely on the investigators at Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc to perform the needed background checks before hiring. Call us today!

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