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How Does a Private Investigator Handle Child Custody Cases in Yankton, SD? Surveillance & More

No matter which state in the United States, most state judges prefer to award joint custody where the time and legal matters are split between parents when it comes to winning child custody. When one parent is not necessarily physically abusive, but just not parent material this is not the most desired outcome. If necessary, to help you prove to the judge the child(ren)’s better interest lies with you, a private investigator can be an asset. To help you win custody from a possible bad parent, we at Kolbach & Associates Investigations would like to discuss how an investigator helps in these cases.

Types of Child Custody

To better understand what you are seeking or proving is not right for the child, first note is identifying the types of custody. The basic types of child custody are below:
Sole Custody: With the exclusive right to make legal decisions regarding the child’s affairs of the parent, the child lives only with that one parent. There may be some for of visitation with the other parent, but they cannot interfere with the child’s affairs or where the child lives.
Joint Legal Custody: In the event of a major disagreement, the courts will become involved and make the decision, otherwise, both parents have a say in the child’s affairs.
Legal Custody: Legal custody entails the parent’s right to make decisions regarding the child in regard to the child including medical, religious upbringing, schooling, etc.)
Physical Custody: A parent has visitation, but the child lives primarily with one parent.
Joint Physical Custody: The time is evenly split, and child lives with both parents.

What Do Judges Look for in Child Custody Cases?

They decide custody and visitation as well as legal matters to what they feel is in the better interest of the child as far as the courts are concerned. To determine custody, one of the major factors is if any parent inflicts any kind of abuse. They can better determine where the child will be better supported, safe, and where their mental and physical needs are optimally met since they are a 3rd outside party. When deciding on what is better for the child, there are many factors that the courts consider. Below are a few such examples.
1) Both parents’ home environment.
2) Willingness to provide food, clothing, shelter and an education for the child.
3) Poor parenting skills evidence.
4) Alcohol / drug abuse from the parent.
5) A parent’s history of violence or complaints of violence.
6) Concerning the child by either parent, fraudulent or unfounded accusations of neglect or abuse.
7) Neglect or abuse evidence.
8) Parent criminal history, if applicable.
9) The parents’ allowance of associates with the child.
10) Personal conduct of the parents current and past.
11) Parent’s financial standing.
12) The care and affection for the child by the parent.
13) By abducting or abandoning the child, parents defy the courts.
14) Willingness for a parent to involve the other parent in a healthy relationship.
15) Overall physical and emotional health from the parent.
16) The parent’s conduct and morality.
17) Each parent’s stability, lifestyle, health, and schedule.

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If applicable, through surveillance, background checks, and other means if the other parent is indeed a wrong fit for the child, the private investigator can help gather evidence to help prove to the court on your behalf that the other parent is unfit. For a consultation, call Kolbach & Associates Investigations.

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