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How Can Workers Compensation Fraud Be Stopped in Watertown, SD? Can a Private Investigator Spy on You?

Many businesses, both big and small, often find themselves in the middle of a worker compensation dispute. When an employee is hurt on the job, often the business or company must pay for the person’s medical bills and recovery time. However, it is not up to the business to pay for an extended vacation. All too often a person creates a fake injury and seeks worker’s compensation simply for a paid vacation. Other times a person may have been injured, but not while working. Desperately they will claim they have been injured on the job. Another common situation is that a person will get injured on the job but recover much faster than they claim and attempt to ride out the paid leave as long as possible. These are all classic scenarios of worker’s compensation fraud which is a crime. If a business feels like they are being victimized and needs evidence, they can seek help from a private investigator. Kolbach & Associates Investigations will share how we can help prove worker’s compensation fraud and bring you the evidence you need to prove your case.

Signs of Worker’s Compensation Fraud

When an employee gets injured or afflicted with an illness on the job, it is the duty and responsibility of the company to provide worker’s compensation. Injuries and illnesses can occur while on the job and every business should be prepared for this expected situation. However, when there are red flags that an employee is requesting workers compensation, it may be a clear sign of fraud. Below are some clear signs that a business owner should watch for in situations of worker’s compensation fraud.
• Disgruntled Employee – They will be the first to typically attempt to commit worker’s compensation fraud.
• Unable to Contact Employee – When you are unable to contact an employee after providing worker’s compensation, many times they are working another job.
• New Employees – Statistics have shown that new employees are more likely to claim fraudulent injuries and be quick to claim their benefits.
• No Witnesses – When an employee claims illness or injury and there are no witnesses, often this is a major red flag.
• Story Changes – When the employee and there witnesses story changes or does not match up, it is another sign of fraud.
• History of Fraudulent Claims – Does your employee have a record of filing claims, or their previous claims seems suspicious? Red flag.
• Refusing Treatment – It is a big red flag when the injured employee refuses treatment or doesn’t attend there medical checkups.
These are a few warning signs that can indicate worker’s compensation fraud. To ensure you are not a victim, you will need to provide proof before filing your case with the court.

How Do I Investigate a Workers Comp Claim?

If you believe an employee is committing worker’s compensation fraud, your next step is seeking a private investigation service. A private investigator will begin their investigation by interviewing witnesses of the incident. Next, they will look for potential video evidence at the place the employee may have been injured. Next they will perform a background check and look into the history of the employee to see if they have committed fraud in the past. A private investigator will also put an agent on surveillance as no one can fake an injury 24/7. If they are faking injury or an illness, videos or photos will help provide your case in court.

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If you need help determining whether or not you are a victim of worker’s compensation fraud, contact Kolbach & Associates Investigations today.

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