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Is it Worth it to Hire a Private Investigator to Prove Adultery in Court During Divorce in Mitchell, SD?

It is common for spouses to deceive and manipulate the system as much as possible during a divorce. For this reason, it is in your better interest to have an ally and trust in a private investigator to help you battle through divorce proceedings. Today, we at Kolbach & Associates Investigations would like to share some basics on how we help with a divorce.

What Kind of Evidence Do You Need to Prove Adultery in Court?

If a spouse is committing adultery or other types of marital misconduct, an investigator can be discovered through an investigation. In order to grant a divorce, every state has no-fault divorce laws that do not require the evidence of wrongdoing. For proceedings involving spousal support in states in which support is barred if one party’s conduct led to the demise of the marriage, marital misconduct is sometimes relevant. To help provide more favorable terms for a spouse under a prenuptial agreement, marital misconduct may also be relevant. Evidence of such can be gathered by an investigator.

How Do I Find Hidden Assets in a Divorce?

Locating assets is a critical area in which private investigators provide assistance with. A spouse may try to illegally hide assets in order to shield them from the divorce proceeding while a divorce is pending or even before that point. For the extent of the marriage, one spouse handles most of the financial decisions and left the other in the dark about these matters, is a common occurrence. Unfortunately, in a number of devious ways, people may attempt to hide assets. Until after the divorce, they may pay off purported loans to friends and families who are really holding the funds for the spouse for instance. Also, they may sell property in the same way and reclaim it after a divorce is final. It is also common to hide funds in offshore accounts or personal property to hidden storage facilities as well. In order to attempt to find such assets, private investigators often look through a variety of databases. Professionals will search any personal or business assets that are not being disclosed in SEC filings and Secretary of State filings in addition to any documents that clients provide to find charges or transactions that help point to hidden assets. To clients to get their fair share, family law lawyers can use this information in order to officially request documents during the divorce proceedings. Some state laws, when such fraud is used to conceal the asset, permits the court to award the entire value of an asset to the innocent spouse.

What Can Stop a Parent from Getting Joint Custody?

In child custody matters, private investigators may also be called on to assist. A private investigator may be asked to check into this issue if a spouse is concerned about the activities that transpire while the child is visiting the other parent. To determine if drugs or alcohol are involved, or even any type of abuse is suspected, surveillance may be conducted.

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In situations where alimony or support is applicable, a private investigator can also be of use for either party in different ways. If you are going through a divorce in South Dakota, you want Kolbach & Associates Investigations on your side. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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