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Background Check Questions in Pierre, SD; True Identity, Education, Criminal Record, Credit History & More

Background checks are a common request private investigators receive. Background checks essentially provide answers to questions a person or employer may have about another person. There are a number of questions that are asked about a person that at times need to be answered. To find the answer to some of these questions, often it…

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Hiring a Private Investigator for a Child Custody Dispute in Yankton, SD; Surveillance, Witness Statements & More

Any time you find yourself in the middle of a divorce and custody dispute, it can get ugly. Accusations are thrown out and fights can ensue. Any accusations that are made will have to be proven. Finding the proof you need to win a custody battle can be difficult if you don’t have the resources…

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Investigations for Detecting Fraud & Embezzlement in Your Small Business in Mitchell, SD

Fraud is an increasingly growing crime that leaves devastating consequences for the victims. Small businesses are often targeted for fraud with a few examples of the more common fraudulent crimes being financial statement fraud, insurance claims fraud, as well as corporate embezzlement. If you suspect fraudulent activity in your business, having an experienced firm working…

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Surveillance Devices & Equipment in Brookings, SD; Listening Bugs, Tracking Gear & More

Searching for missing people, catching a cheater, looking into corporate espionage, and many other similar circumstances often lead people to call a private investigator. In many investigative situations, surveillance is a common tool that is utilized. Today, we at Kolbach & Associates Investigations would like to share surveillance basics. Listening Bugs & Devices Conversations can…

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Pet Detective Professionals in Aberdeen, SD; Tracking & Locating a Missing or Lost Dog or Cat

Yes, private investigators can conduct missing pet searches. We have an investment, emotionally and perhaps financially. As such they have been incorporated into the family and are considered family members. There are many reasons a pet goes missing. Pets wonder off, are stolen or can fall victim to a predator. Statistics show that about 2…

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Hospital & Medical Pre Employment Criminal Background Checks for Healthcare Workers in Sioux Falls, SD

When you think of the healthcare industry, you are thinking of those that we entrust our lives to. They care of our health and well-being; which is a large responsibility put on healthcare administration. When the safety and care of patients is put at risk, those involved are facing huge consequences that are real and…

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Should I Hire a Private Investigator in Rapid City, SD? Cheating Spouse, Missing Persons & More

It would be lovely if the world was made up of people who never did anything wrong and nothing bad ever happened. Unfortunately, it isn’t! If you’ve been wronged by someone, you should contact a private investigator. It’s the smartest thing to do because these professionals can help you prevent a bad situation from getting…

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