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Methods & Elements of Physical & Data / Tracking Electronic Surveillance Systems in Sioux Falls, SD

Surveillance technology and tactics is an ever growing pursuit to help keep businesses and households safer. Surveillance is used in a number of different ways and the reasons behind surveillance will vary. Surveillance can be used to enhance security or to identify evidence of a crime. With the surveillance industry ever changing and evolving, Kolbach & Associates Investigations will cover the basics of surveillance systems and tactics and tell you how they can be used.

What is Physical & Electronic Surveillance

There are two major types of surveillance. One is physical and the other is electronic surveillance. Physical surveillance is when a person will follow and track a subject as well as their activities. When hiring a private detective, the investigator will often provide physical surveillance and record the subject’s activities with video or photographs. Electronic surveillance is when a business will set up camera or audio recordings to monitor primary locations. This helps identify crimes or potential threats. Electronic surveillance often involves audio recordings such as:
• Phone Tapping
• Listening Devices
• And Voice Over Internet Protocol
These audio listening devices are most often used to gather evidence and not so much for security purposes. Visual surveillance can involve a wide range of electronic devices that are used to monitor and record daily activities. Some of the common types of visual surveillance devices are:
• Camera, Hidden Video Surveillance Devices
• Inca Video Systems
• Thermal Cameras and Imaging
• Closed Circuit Television Cameras
Body Worn Video Devices

Tracking & Data Surveillance

Most electronic surveillance utilizes audio and visual devices. However, there is some lesser known surveillance systems such as tracking surveillance and data surveillance systems. Tracking surveillance can help locate a person’s position. Knowing a person’s global position can assist in missing persons, infidelity, and business activities. There are many devices or tracking surveillance systems such as cell phones, global positioning systems, retina scans and radio-frequency devices. Tracking can be useful in a number of different situations and are at times utilized by private investigators. Data surveillance is essential for many businesses to ensure the health of their digital software. Data records can become stolen or corrupt, which is why data surveillance is so important. Some common data surveillance programs use keystroke monitoring and spyware programs.

Due Diligence

When a business considers investing in proper surveillance, it often begins with surveillance or security consultation and due diligence investigations. A private investigator isn’t just hired when a program or crime occurs. They can be used to prevent a business from becoming a victim. Surveillance systems often require a lot of thought. Each surveillance system is custom designed. With a proper due diligence investigation, a private investigator can determine where and what type of surveillance system the business needs to properly protect itself from becoming a victim or allowing their employees to become a victim of a crime.

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When a business is looking to improve their security and surveillance system, consider seeking out a private investigation service. They will start with a due diligence investigation to see where the business is most vulnerable. Next they will help design a visual, audio, and if needed, data and tracking surveillance system to better protect the business’s assets. For private investigation services, contact Kolbach & Associates Investigations today.

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