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What are the Signs that Your Spouse is Cheating in Rapid City, SD? Partner Hides Phone & More

Do you suspect that your spouse or partner may be cheating on you? You may feel that they lie to you constantly and are acting like they have something to hide. Kolbach & Associates Investigations unfortunately conducts many cases every year surrounding cheating spouses. Through this extensive experience and consulting with our clients the basis of their suspicions, we have noted some of the most frequent signs of a cheating spouse and will share them below.

What Does it Mean when Your Partner Hides their Phone?

You may have noticed your spouse’s body language just seems off when they are on their cell phone? Your partner may also seem to be guarding or overly protective of it. Does your spouse often position their body so you see only the back of the phone and not what they are looking at or texting? Other indicators is if you pick up their phone they try to take it back from you or there is suddenly a password lock on their cell phone. All of these are common signs your spouse is talking to someone they probably shouldn’t be talking too.

Spouse Caring More About Their Physical Appearance

When engaging in a romantic affair, both men and women will often begin dressing better and care more about their appearance. Sometimes, the person your partner is having an affair with will buy them unique clothing, jewelry accessories and/or perfume or cologne with a different scent than what they have worn before. If you are noticing your spouse has a new wardrobe or suddenly smelling of a new fragrance, this could have been gifts they were given. If your wife or husband is wearing a new piece of jewelry or has a new wallet for example, this could be the other man or woman claiming or marking their new territory.

New Credit Card in Spouse’s Name Only

Have you spied a new credit card in your spouse’s wallet with only their name on the account? Often a spouse will get a new credit card so they have funds to spend on dinners, hotel rooms, gifts and other expenses for their new fling without detection. One major sign is if the billing address goes somewhere else such as work, a PO Box or even the home of the person they are having the affair with.

How Do Cheaters Act when Questioned or Confronted?

Another sign is hiding in plain site. What we mean by this is that the one having an affair may occasionally bring up the person they are having an affair with up in casual conversations. Some people get an adrenaline rush when they speak about the person they are having an affair with. In most cases, they will also want to make it seem they have a legitimate reason to be in close contact with that person to make it seem more innocent. They may even volunteer that they are not attracted to the person at all and point out their flaws.

When a Woman Loses Interest in Her Man & Vice Versa

Has your spouse seemed less interested in intimacy of late? This could be because they are having sexual relations with some else. Like the other signs listed above, it is important to not base your suspicions on only one factor such as a decrease in sexual activities. For example, there are many medical factors that can decrease sexual desire, especially if stress, work or labor hours increase.

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Listed above are some of there some of the common signs your spouse may be having an affair. However, before you corner and accuse them, you want to get some solid proof first. This is where Kolbach & Associates Investigations comes in. If you think your spouse is having an affair, contact us to help you discover the truth and provide the indisputable evidence you need to move forward.

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