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Should I Hire a Private Investigator in Rapid City, SD? Cheating Spouse, Missing Persons & More

It would be lovely if the world was made up of people who never did anything wrong and nothing bad ever happened. Unfortunately, it isn’t! If you’ve been wronged by someone, you should contact a private investigator. It’s the smartest thing to do because these professionals can help you prevent a bad situation from getting worse. There are several different reasons that a person might want to hire a private investigator.

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

Cheating Spouse. It can be devastating to learn that your spouse has been unfaithful. Private investigators are great at collecting proof of a cheating spouse by taking pictures and analyzing video surveillance footage.
Child Custody Battle. Child custody battles can get messy. Private investigators are trained in submitting compelling, admissible facts to the court. They have resources that allow them to gather information that a parent would have a hard time gathering on their own.
Missing Persons. People go missing every day. When this happens, a private investigator can collect clues that can help locate a missing person. Private investigators can even help kids that have been adopted locate their birth mother.
Background Checks. Employers can go a long way in protecting themselves when they have background checks performed on potential employees. Taking this step can help companies prevent hiring people that have a criminal past or have behavior issues that can become a problem in the future.
Fraud or Embezzlement Issue. Companies lose money every year due to fraud and embezzlement by employees. It can be hard for an employer to determine who committed the crime and they likely don’t know how the crime took place either. Private investigators are skilled at uncovering fictitious assets, inappropriate payments and any other misrepresentations. They can determine who the dishonest person by finding and following the paper trail.

How Do Private Investigators Get Their Information

You might think following your spouse’s car a couple car lengths back to tracking down a loved one that is missing is easy. It takes skill and a lot of practice to do it. A private investigator has the proper training to find the needed information. You will find yourself very frustrated and with a headache trying to do it yourself. Plus, you’ll waste a lot of time! An overnight stakeout may sound fun at first, but you probably won’t get the information you need after one night. Now let’s talk about the fact you can put yourself in a dangerous situation trying to do it yourself. Private investigators are trained to be inconspicuous. You are not going to be stealthy enough to get the information you need without getting caught. You risk losing your entire case or making a situation worse by trying to save some money. Experience and knowledge of the law are very important and well worth the cost of hiring professionals who also have access to information and resources you don’t!

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Private investigators are experts who complete vital tasks to help people successfully deal with difficult and/or uncomfortable situations. Do you need a private investigator? Contact Kolbach & Associates Investigations Inc. We have years of experience to gather all the information you need!

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