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Background Check Questions in Pierre, SD; True Identity, Education, Criminal Record, Credit History & More

Background checks are a common request private investigators receive. Background checks essentially provide answers to questions a person or employer may have about another person. There are a number of questions that are asked about a person that at times need to be answered. To find the answer to some of these questions, often it will require a private investigator performing a thorough background check. Kolbach & Associates Investigations will share the questions background checks can answer.

What is a Person’s True Identity?

One of the common concerns for certain businesses is knowing their employee’s true identity. One of the most important reasons to get a background check is to know the person is who he or she say they are. During a background check basic information of the person is discovered. Information such as full name, date of birth, and local address. For some businesses, especially those that deal with security, banks and state jobs, it is important to know who is working for you and if they can be trusted.

What is the Education Information You Need as an Employer?

There are times when interviewing a person you may go over a resume and their education status may be suspicious. For other businesses it is important to know the individual’s academic history. Some jobs can be very demanding and require a certain education and knowledge. During these tough times, some people may not be completely truthful about their education in order to land a job. Employers hiring an individual without the needed skill set is a waste of time. To prevent hiring an unqualified individual that doesn’t have the right education for the job, background checks can provide a person’s academic history.

Can I Check if Someone has a Criminal Record?

A really important reason anybody can request a background check on a person is to know if they have a criminal history. When you are dealing with a person either as an employee, a renter or other such situations, it is important to know if they are capable of stealing or hurting you and others. One of the top reasons why background checks are requested often is to know if the individual has a criminal history. Knowing if a person has a criminal history and what their past charges were is essential. By bypassing a background check, you can put a business at risk and the person becomes a major liability.

Why is Credit History Important?

There are times a background check is requested to know someone’s credit history. This knowledge is typically important to loaners or investors. If you are prepared to give someone a considerable sum of money, you will want to know if they are responsible and can pay you back. A background check can look into past financial or credit history. With this knowledge an investor or loaner can better know the person in question.

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When needing a background check to have certain questions answered you can always seek a professional private investigator service. For background checks or other investigative services, contact Kolbach & Associates Investigations today.

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