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Pet Detective Professionals in Aberdeen, SD; Tracking & Locating a Missing or Lost Dog or Cat

Yes, private investigators can conduct missing pet searches. We have an investment, emotionally and perhaps financially. As such they have been incorporated into the family and are considered family members. There are many reasons a pet goes missing. Pets wonder off, are stolen or can fall victim to a predator. Statistics show that about 2 million pets are stolen each year. The reasons for theft varies from puppy mills for breeding, unlicensed lab for experimenting and in some sub-cultures pets are used for meat. There are also fighting rings that pit your pet against another animal. Totally illegal but they still exist. A private investigator like Kolbach & Associates can help find your lost or missing pet. Some tricks of the trade include the following.

How a Real Life Pet Detective Can Find Your Missing Pet

Study of pet behavior. Every breed exhibits special behavior. This can be analyzed to determine where to pet would go on their own if allowed.
Last known location of pet. As in every other investigation you start at the scene and gather evidence from where the animal was last known to be. DNA is checked for any blood or fur found at the scene.
Local markets. The detective would investigate the local and regional underground exotic, purebred animal black market, local known illegal medical and chemical testing facilities and animal fighting rings.
Surveillance technology. They conduct high tech surveillance and detection equipment. This includes drones.
Other investigation techniques. Computer forensics, undercover operations, physical evidence and forensic evaluations, research comprehensive resources (life is easier if you’ve equipped your dog or cat with a GPS collar) and conduct personal investigations.

Who to Call & What to Do If I Lost My Dog or Cat

Surprisingly as in most investigations it is the investigator that has mastered the skills of interview and interrogation. They can’t interrogate animals of course, but they can talk to people. But what can you do before hiring an investigator to recover your pet?
• Walk and talk. A door to door canvas with fliers of your pet.
• Post fliers in the neighborhood.
• Social media exposure with pictures of your pet.
• Check local animal shelters
• Newspaper ads

Chances of Finding a Lost Dog or Cat

• No one can guarantee they will find your lost pet. If they do it is probably a scam.
• As some dogs are scared they go into survival mode. They focus on food/water, shelter and safety from perceived threats, including humans. Your flier should include warnings about calling, approaching or chasing the dog, as they will be frightened and will run. If they settle into an area and establish a feeding routine, tracking may pressure them to run, then necessitating another round of flyers and signs.
Hiring a professional private investigator experienced in missing dogs and cats dramatically increases your chances of finding your missing pet.

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Your money can just go so far, how many flyers, newspaper ads or billboards can your money buy compared to the cost of hiring a private investigator to aggressively look for your pet as opposed to waiting for a reported sighting?
Kolbach & Associates Investigations, Inc offers missing persons and missing pet investigations. Contact us to get started today!

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